Welcome to Jimlyngvild.com

For me, creativity is not limited to one direction in particular. 

I want to explore all directions and trends and constantly set sail towards
new challenges. A thing that really characterizes my creative work is that
I always get dirty. I always make a mess, bury myself in old boxes, uncover
long forgotten trends, and dig in the ground to get the perfect expression.

I don´t like being caught in a particular expression, and when I´ve been
playing for too long with, for example photography or painting, I set up
to create my work on another platform. No box should ever fit me and no
box CAN. I create, say and do what my heart tells me to. With respect for
each other, respect for cultures and knowledge and by preserving the
differences in the world, we can help inspire each other.

My life motto is inspired by the Swedish author Astrid Lindsgren´s famous
character Pippy Longstocking.
She says:

”I haven´t tried that before, so I can probably do it”.