Raunsborg®  is manufactured in Denmark – our guarantee to you for a quality product. We are proud that all our products are developed and produced in Denmark. It’s from idea to finished product.

All products are designed by Jim Lyngvild, after which the industry’s best professionals at the company Plum A/S take over – and put together the right raw materials from the Nordic nature inspired by the old book “Flora Danica”.

In this way, we know the process – and we can say with a guarantee that all products are produced under the absolute best conditions. We can even closely monitor the entire process, since the office, laboratory and production are located in the same building.

Our daily time in the laboratory allows us to continuously control and investigate the development and quality of each product.

Raunsborg® is
Nordic beauty care!

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Brewery Frejdahl


In collaboration with designer and man of visions, Jim Lyngvild, the brewery A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen created a series of craft beer – respecting the past and sufficiently courageous to test new taste nuances that will satisfy the picky modern-day beer lovers. Because Frejdahl is so much more than just beer from cask and bottle. It signifies love of the craft of brewing and pride in the heritage left by our ancestors, on which the brewing rests. Added a touch of ecology, naturalness and Nordic ingredients.

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Jim Lyngvild writes about a lot of different things, where he finds interest. Over time he has written over 30 books. Often he is also the photografer for his books. 

Vikings and our history has in the later years become a general theme.

You can buy a small assortment of his books on this sites shop.


Thoughts fly when Jim Lyngvild sets the scene and helps the imagination slip. Lyngvild is a true master of bringing the past to life before our very eyes.
Nationalmuseets direktør Rane Willerslev i samarbejde med Jim Lyngvild.
Rane Willerslev
CEO The Danish National museum


2013 DR Byen, København

2014 Tobaksgaarden, Assens

2014 Tidens Samling, Odense

2014 Galleri Flintholm, Sydfyn

2015 Tobaksgaarden, Assens

2015 Galleri Flintholm, Sydfyn

2015 Moesgaard museum, Aarhus

2016 Vikingemuseet, Ladby

2018 Naturama, Svendborg

2019 Nationalmuseet, København

2019 Rosefair, Bogense

2020 Koldinghus, Kolding

2020 Helligåndskirken, Faaborg

2021 Kronborg slot, Helsingør

2021 Holmegaard Glasværk

2021 Jorn museet, Silkeborg

Designet 3 whisky varianter for det store Skotske whiskydestilleri.
2.2 mio. flasker solgt i hele verden.
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Highland Park


Designet serie med 4 varianter af premium kosttilskud til det Danske marked. Med fokus på urter fra den nordiske natur



Designet komplet serie med mere end 50 designs, solgt i hele verden.



Designet serie med bredt udvalg af kvalitetsprodukter til hjemmet.
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Koustrup & co.

Home collection

Designet smykkekollektion med inspiration fra naturens flora.

Flora Danica


Designet smykkeserie med inspireret af Jim´ eget logo og inspirator, bien.
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Re-designet Danmarks 3. største colabrand Jolly Cola. Inspireret af den tidligere, stærke identitet.

Jolly Cola


Designet lille serie sko, med inspiration fundet i H.C. Andersens eventyr. Solgt i hele verden.



Med sin uddannelse som designer fra Designakademiet i København, har Jim stor erfaring i at designe og sy tøj. Gennem tiderne til udstillinger og kendte som ukendte personer.

Jim Lyngvild


Jim´ store passion er at fotografere. Han tager selv alle modelbilleder til hans virksomheder og bøger.

Jim Lyngvild


I sit samarbejde med Kopenhagen Fur, lavede Jim det hidtil største modeshow i Shanghai, som sidenhen vandt en award for bedste show.

Kopenhagen Fur