Danish Kings and Queens DK/EN


258 pages DK/EN

Jim Lyngvild’s book about the Danish royal line, made in connection with the exhibition at Kronborg Castle in 2021. It is based on the first edition of the book DANMARKS KONGER & DRONNINGER. A part of the images and texts are identical. But only this book is also in English. The book is slightly smaller in format and now also contains English texts. See the original version

Denmark has the world’s oldest monarchy, which dates back to the 950s, perhaps even longer. What did the kings and queens of the past look like? Who were they? What clothes? What gems and symbols of power did they use? This is what Jim Lyngvild offers in DENMARK’S KINGS & QUEENS, where he makes Danish history alive and present.

Jim Lyngvild’s beautiful photographs are accompanied by texts about each of the royal personalities, so it is easy and clear to follow the royal line all the way up to the contemporary Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik. The texts about the kings are written by the Danish National Museum’s staff and cand.mag. in history Emma Rønberg tells of the many queens through time.

With foreword by museum inspector Poul Grinder-Hansen and the National Museum’s director Rane Willerslev.

Experience the exhibition at Kronborg Castle, until the autumn of 2021. .

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