Grand Danois



In This book, Jim Lyngvild shows his many creative abilities, and at the same time gives an insight into his everyday life surrounded by feathers, sequins and great love for his Great Dane dogs and his husband Morten. For love is and will be the force that makes the designer’s heart kiss the flesh. Love to love and love to live.

But first and foremost, the love of sticking his fingers in everything that tickles the imagination. This with the result that he always has dirty nails. In alphabetical order, Jim Lyngvild tries to give an insight into everything from a childhood marked by deep violence and failure from an alcoholic father, to a mother who showered him with love. A schooling marked by bullying.

All of this is something that has made the ugly duckling flutter its wings harder – and who knows, maybe even manage to become a swan.

Can be signed by Jim Lyngvild. Just write a comment in the comments field.

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