Nordens guder (The gods of the north)


Book 216 pages DANISH


In the recent years, Jim Lyngvild has fascinated with his lavish photos of the kings and queens of the past, Vikings and Bible stories. This time it is Thor, Odin, Sif, Idun, Balder, Loki and all the others from our common Nordic heritage: the mythological tales from legends, oaths and bards.

Jim Lyngvild is driven by his love of the past, of nature and of Norse mythology. Through the Eddas’ personal descriptions and his knowledge of Viking Age textiles and fashion, he gives a surprising and imaginative take on what the Norse gods looked and dressed.

The beautiful photographs of the Norse god world illustrate the legends of the genesis of the world, Thor’s bridal ghost, the sinking of the Fenris wolf, Loki’s betting with the dwarves, Odin’s travels, Ragnarok and many more.

The text is Vilhelm Grønbech’s retelling of Eddas and bardeviser, a text that is still alive and immersive here 100 years after its creation. Then, a number of the gods are presented with their family relationships, special characteristics and characteristics and, of course, Lyngvild’s portraits.

Nordens guder is for anyone who, like Jim Lyngvild himself, likes the old stories, and not least it is a book for all those who love Lyngvild’s wild and magnificent costumes and photographs.

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