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´Most people in Denmark has heard about him, many has an attitude towards him’ Jim Lyngvild – designer, photographer, author, entrepreneur and much more – has an ability to fire up a public debate. He is a hard worker and is always on his way to the next project. He is also an active and committed voice, both on social and in more traditional media, and he is used to speaking in headlines.

This edition of the series Omtanke moves behind provocations and headlines, all the way to the skin. In conversation with author and debater Christian Have, Jim Lyngvild presents his thoughts on topics such as faith and the significance of the past for those we are today, about the art of communication and the importance of letting inspiration and audience reactions show the way.

He also talks about some of the things that have shaped him as a human being: his hate-love relationship with his colorful and highly complex family, his relationship with Odin and Loki, the importance of carrying humility with him in his life, the fascination of problem creators and the desire for undisturbed play in the sandbox.

The book contains lots of amazing photos, taken over the last year. Among other things, we get close to his upcoming exhibition at “Holmegaard Værk”. Visit the exhebition

im has previously made an autobiography called Grand Danois, which we also sell here on the site.

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