Poster with vikinge regents


Poster 50*70 cm and fits standard frames.

For the first time ever, all Viking rulers are gathered on one poster.

The Vikings ruled the world 1000 years ago, but who ruled the Vikings? Through this tangle of kings and queens, you can follow who were kings from the beginning of the Viking Age to the end of the 1000s. Divided into Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian and English Viking rulers and their spouses. Alliance formation across the world.

The poster is created as an extension of the book “VIKINGEs OF THE WORLD” also by Jim Lyngvild. .

NOTE! There is a bit of a difference in the colors, if you buy and compared with the poster ith the Danish royal line.

NOTE! If you want Jim Lyngvild to sign the poster on the back, write a message in the comments field in connection with the order.

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